《Don't be angry》生气不解决问题

  • Joy英语绘本馆
  • 2024-05-03

don't be angry in a sunny little town there lived a boy named bob. bob was lively and active, but he had a bad habit. he had a very big temper whenever didn't go his way. he would stamp his feet through things, and sometimes even shut at his friends despite his kind heart. this, this habit often made his friends uneasy every year. the school held the sports day a great opportunity for the kids to show their talents. bob was looking forward to it and sign up for the running race. he was confident and practiced every day, thinking must win on the the day of the race, the sun shining and the playground was filled with children's laughter. bob was nervous and excited, ready to run as fast as he could to the finish line. however, when the starting gun went off, all the little athletes dashed out like errors, bob tried his best, but he did not win the race. bob felt disappointed in frustration. he started to get angry, thinking it was fair, even blaming the slippy track, seeing this. a kind teacher came over and said softly, ly, bob, i know you're feeling down because you gave it. you're all getting angry, won't solve anything. accepting failure is an important step toward success. learn from this failure, and next time you'll be stronger. these words were like the morning sunshine, warm and bright, gradually clearing the glum and bob s. heart, bob blood around at his friends, some more comforting him. others just watched quietly. he realized that behavior not only hurt himself, but also affected those around him. he took a deep breath, apologize to everyone and made a silent promise to control his temper from that on, from that day forward when everything didn't go as planned, bob would take a deep breath and try to see the problem from different angles. he began to learn n patients and understanding, and his friends found playing with the changed b, more enjoyable, controlling emotions, understanding and accepting failure are important steps in everyone's growth. as bob learned, facing difficulties and challenges with a positive attitude makes life better.

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